What I used to call Nature, slips out of the frame. It encourages me to flow with all senses, soothing, calming, and nourishing. All plant tissues, urban and wild, distant from cities, are intriguing me during forest wanderings and morning walks through the neighborhood. Fragments of trees find me, so I collect and store them. I find in them and in myself the capacity for transformation, that expresses in the objects I create. I am looking for a balance between what is permanent and ephemeral.


Born in 1995, Ostrow Wielkopolski, PL
Live in Wroclaw, PL


2020       Master of Arts, Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw, Faculty of Painting
2019       Kunstuniversitat Linz, Austria, Department of Experimental  Art
2019       Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Faculty of Painting


Individual exhibitions
2023       I touch leaves, remains, particles and impressions,
Hilleckes Gallery, Berlin
2023       Composition of the Air, Slot Art Festival, Lubiąż
2021       less serious, more magic, 33 gallery, Ostrow
2020       sticks and dashes, naturally, JEST gallery , Wroclaw


Selected group exhibitions
2023       Zierrat, Hilleckes Gallery, Berlin
2022       BREATHING OUT, Galeria Karowa, Warszawa
2022       Intimate Rituals, OP ENHEIM, Wroclaw
2021       30. National Youth Painting Review PROMOTIONS 2021, Art Gallery, Legnica
2021       OP_Young|Lewandowska, Tofan, Marcjasz, Szewska Gallery, Wroclaw
2020       Conditions, virtual exhibition
2019       Videonews, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin
2019       Cannot make out your Flags, come nearer, Festival Der Regionen, St. Nikola, Austria
2019       17. SURVIVAL Art Review, Wroclaw
2019       Trash zine, Luka Gallery, Poznan
2018       Synestezje, Kraków
2018       nie odlełosc, MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw
2018       loop, old tram depot Dąbie, Wroclaw
2018       International Exhibition of Students Drawing NAD_RYSOWAĆ, Art Gallery Wozownia, Torun


2023       ecoSuites Art Residency, Tristinika, Greece
2022       Forma Otwarta, Oleśnica
2021       Flowland in Tarczyn
2021       Owca z widokiem Creative Leasure Center
in Spalona


2021       OP_Young Laureate, OP_ENHEIM
2018       I Distinction, mural design for Best Western Premiere Hotel, Wroclaw
2018       I Distinction, X Poetic Contest Poets` Spring, Wroclaw


2018       Artistic Scholarship of Wroclaw City
2016 -2019 Rector`s of ASP Wrocław Scholarship
2012       Starost`s of Ostrow Wielkopolski Artistic Scholarship