something`s bugging me

Floating in space – microparticles and debris, pollutants, and allergens – circulates in the air and goes to our respiratory systems. Subnature according to the definition of the author of the book „Subnature. Architectural other environments” – David Gissen refers to things such as dankness, darkness, mud, weeds, smoke, puddles, dust, debris, crowds, and pigeons. It includes also smog, exhaust gas, and industrial smoke. Therefore, with each breath, we come into contact with socially regarded as the less attractive or undesirable part of nature. Trying to protect ourselves from it, we can become threatened by what we need the most – the air. In my installation, I try to present it pleasantly and positively. The idea for the installation arose at the time of my increased suffering from allergies – I would like to create it to face the fear of pollen hiding in the space and attacking unexpectedly together with other pollution.

Installation of many small objects made of leaves, sticks, wood, acrylic, beewax and wire.

Presented at the exhibition „I touch leaves, remains, particles and impressions” in Hilleckes Gallery in Berlin, 2023.